Środa, 8 lipca 2015

Polish, Swiss presidents discuss free movement of people

Polish and Swiss Presidents Bronislaw Komorowski and Simonetta Sommaruga in Warsaw on Wednesday discussed, among others, Switzerland’s referendum on the limiting of the free movement of people.

"The president of Switzerland is trying to find understanding among EU countries for the consequences of a referendum which limits the free movement of persons, thus somewhat goes beyond standards adopted by the EU," the president told reporters during his visit to Berlin where he arrived after meeting with President Sommaruga in Warsaw on Wednesday morning.

Komorowski stressed that Poland firmly holds the position that free movement of persons is an element of the (common European market) system, like the flow of goods. He added that it cannot be that there are countries "which are somehow exempt" from this general process of economic freedom, freedom of movement and freedom of findings jobs. (PAP)